"This administrator is fOR YOUR CRANIUM!"
((-" ']|_, ((-" (['_, "][" ']|2, ][ (['_, ]|{ ']|2, "// ']|D "]["
The alias used by the founder and administrator of  fYCcreationZ™ with deep meaning behind the alias itself, which developed from a high interest of the mind evolving with technology, along with the curiosity of this specific evolution affecting the questions of life & death.
[ The Alias ]
The alias is a combination of the two words, electric and krypt. The first part of the alias, electric, is in it's basic form while the second part, krypt, is actually a modified version of the word, crypt. The 'C' in crypt has been replaced with a 'K' simply for looks as electriccrypt appears repetitive while the letter 'C' is used twice. Not only has the 'C' been replaced with a 'K' for looks, but more importantly to differentiate the alias from the actual two words creating a new and unique word (or alias), electrickrypt.
[ The Meaning ]
A crypt (krypt) in electrical form; A digital crypt (krypt)...
[ Deeper Meaning ]

Ghosts in the Machine/Digital Immortality/Virtual Life After Death

"Although death will remain the inescapable result of life, how we deal with death will change in startling—if sometimes mundane—ways over the next decade. The continued infiltration of digital technology into every aspect of our lives will lead to a new model of life-after-death, where online shadows persist long after our physical bodies are gone. In its most basic form, this persistence of identity will mean ongoing issues with “cleaning up” the online presence of the departed, if only to avoid added pain for loved ones or the potential for misuse. But as more digitally proficient generations approach death, they will want to use these technologies to leave lasting records of their thoughts and beliefs, their values, and their influence. Ultimately, the abundance of self-documentation will allow us to create digital emulations of individuals, with growing—and potentially disturbing—accuracy. And these “ghosts in the machine” may enter into our society in ways that fundamentally alter the behavior and identity of the living."

Jamais Cascio


Read the full PDF document on Ghosts in the Machine here.

[ The Story ]
Since the beginning of life, technology has been a fascination that electrified the mind into countless hours of technical hobbies.
[ The Mission ]
To develop an "electric crypt" at fYCcreationZ™ fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!