"fYCcreationZ™ is fOR YOUR CRANIUM!™"
fYCcreationZ™ was created in 2002 by electrickrypt during the release of Sony's PS2 Network Adapter/PlayStation 2 Network Play service for the Sony Playstation 2 console. This hardware and service integration successfully connected players from all over the world for a true online multiplayer experience on the mainstream Playstation 2 console. It was at this point electrickrypt plugged into the matrix and never looked back. This matrix opened the door to limitless networking & clans, to the PC & PC technology, to creating websites & forums for small companies, clans & groups, to graphics & modding, to programming & white hacking, to (home) audio & video production, and more. This website's intention is to be the "electric crypt" (or database) of fYCcreationZ's knowledge that has developed over the last few decades along with future plans with services and 3D design/rendering/printing. The electric crypt is fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!