"This database is fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!"
[COMMUNICATIONS] Fake fYCcreationZ Facebook Page
It has been brought to our attention that there currently is a fake fYCcreationZ™ Facebook page by an unknown person using the custom Facebook URL of "fYCcreationZ
(www.facebook.com/FYCcreationZ) while they are NOT affiliated with fYCcreationZ™ in any way! The fake page also has our logo all over it. 

Please follow the URL below and REPORT it as being fake. Finally, email Facebook Support with the provided email and complaint number. Thank you.

Email: ip@fb.com
Complaint#: 1094577304406370

[fYCcreationZ 2022] There is much more work planned ahead for fYCcreationZ™ in 2022! Below are the current priorities of development in no particular order and with zero plan or estimation of completion since fYCcreationZ™ Database is developed on free time as a hobby... fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!
  • [GALLERY] Upload images to the "Gallery" section. These images will be of official work completed by fYCcreationZ™. This work can be related to logo design, graphic design, web design, game mods, digital art, real art, video production, etc... Basically, the Gallery is a visual portfolio of fYCcreationZ™.
  • [DOWNLOADS] Upload downloads in the "Downloads" sections and add more data. *First, add an image-link for "Home Audio." Much more is planned for the downloads section with many files of interest for many uses, devices, and applications. Information of interests will also be included in "Downloads." The first content in mind is to provide sources for the best apps to use on your streaming devices along with information on how to configure and use such streaming apps on streaming devices.
  • [CONTACT] The "Contact" section needs a little more work, improvement, and optimization. The methods and functionalities will also increase and adapt to the website as it grows. fYCcreationZ™ aims to provide the best user experience with easily accessible methods of communication.
  • [MEMBERS] A registered "Member's" section. Provide some form of a registered-user for enhanced interaction. This function is currently being explored.
  • [SERVICES] Offer and provide top-notch request of services such as Logo & Graphic Design, Firestick & Streaming Services, PC/Windows Repair, Home Audio Setup & Calibration and more.
  • [EXPANSION] fYCcreationZ™ plans on improving and expanding in any way necessary for the end-user... fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!
Date Format: [YYYY/MM/DD]
[2022/01/21] Updated website. Made improvements and performed some minor adjustments. Website design will be ongoing. 
[2022/01/20] Upgraded website hosting plan, purchased an additional domain, fORYOURCRANIUM.com and redirected to the main domain. Plans other than a redirect and ownership are currently unknown. 

[2021/00/00] fYCcreationZ Revival: Throughout 2021, fYCcreationZ™ Database website design was in re-development along with the creation of social media pages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTubeFacebook has recently been the most active social media source for fYCcreationZ™, sharing some fantastic YouTube videos that are fOR YOUR CRANIUM™ and any updates from fYCcreationZ™. fYCcreationZ™ plans to start being just as active on Twitter beginning in 2022. Follow, Like, Share & interact with fYCcreationZ™ on Facebook, Twitter & YouTube!
[2021/12/19] Updated the About section and performed some optimization for Google. fYCcreationZ | Gaming & Modding, Graphics, Rendering PC & Media Tech and I.T. Entertainment... "fOR YOUR CRANIUM!"
[2021/11/00] Many minor updates to the website, mainly "Contact" section. Creations of fYCcreationZ™ social media pages, mainly Facebook.
[2021/09/28] Updated links for Downloads/Gaming/Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
[2021/09/02] Purchased
domain electrickrypt.com and redirected to fYCcreationZ.com. Plans other than a redirect and ownership are currently unknown.
[2021/08/30] Updated website, layout for mobile, Contact section & progress on Social Networking sites.
[2021/07/18] Updated website overall and Win10 CSCOD.
[2021/07/17] STATUS UPDATE: Over the past few months, electrickrypt has purchased a new PC dedicated to high performance computing/gaming and a new HTPC (Home Theater Personal Computer) dedicated to home entertainment in the living room home theater.
These new builds will be upgraded, modded and used "fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!"
[2021/03/02] Updated Downloads and Win10 CSCOD.

[2021/02/22] Updated desktop and mobile website design, overall.
Updated Win10 CSCOD.
 Website now online, updated Downloads/Documents section and made some minor format improvements.

[2020/03/19] Website Pre-revival.
[CANCELLED] MOHAA A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E. Project (Advanced Continued Client Update. Revival And Technical Enhancement.).

[2018/04/29] Updated Downloads section.
[2018/03/23] Updated MOHAA fYC-AMP LITE to version 3.10b.

[2018/03/22] Created dedicated download page for MOHAA fYC-AMPv3.1 LITE.
[2018/03/21] Official fYCcreationZ™ Database website design started via Wix. Official domain will be purchased after further design & development.