"This database is fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!"
[fYCcreationZ] DB Revival 2021
Throughout the year of 2021, website development/design, tech data and updates of all sorts will be added to fYCcreationZ™ website database.
[WINDOWS 10] Complete Setup, Configuration & Optimization Documentation
fYCcreationZ™ had mastered the art of gutting Windows 7 down to it's bare bones, optimizing and tweaking the OS to it's full performance potential. After many years of refusing to upgrade to Windows 10, it's about time we break it down from the beginning of the OS installation all the way to configuring and optimizing the smallest applications with details. A full documentation of how to setup, configure and optimize the entire OS, drivers, applications, games and tutorials of how to get the most out of your Windows 10 system, from an "fYC" perspective, is currently being researched, tested, documented and developed, fOR YOUR CRANIUM™!
[2021/03/02] Updated Downloads and Windows 10 Complete Setup, Configuration & Optimization Documentation.
[2021/02/22] Updated desktop and mobile website design, overall.
Updated Windows 10 Complete Setup, Configuration & Optimization Documentation.
 Website now online, updated Downloads/Documents section and made some minor format improvements.
[2020/03/19] Website Pre-revival.
[CANCELLED] MOHAA A.C.C.U.R.A.T.E. Project (Advanced Continued Client Update. Revival And Technical Enhancement.).
[2018/04/29] Updated Downloads section.
[2018/03/23] Updated MOHAA fYC-AMP LITE to version 3.10b.
[2018/03/22] Created dedicated download page for MOHAA fYC-AMPv3.1 LITE.
[2018/03/21] Official fYCcreationZ™ Database website started via Wix. Official domain will be created during further design & development.
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